About Us/ Charity

Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community.  We are proud to be part of this worldwide guild.  You can read more information here. Charity For this year's Charity project, we've decided to do our part for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge presented by All People Quilt by making as many pillowcases as we can and to donating them to various causes around Tucson. The pillowcases can be for adults or kids, and either masculine or feminine. In December, we will tally up our total and deliver them to a cause such as University Medical Center's Children's Units or a local nursing home or the Veteran's Hospital. More about us: The Tucson chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild was co-founded August 2010 by Melanie Thornton and Elena Rock.  The guild was born out of a desire to connect with other quilters and sewists from around the area who have an interest in modern quilting. What is Modern? This is the number one question we get asked!  Modern is something that we believe needs to be defined by the individual person.  Some of us have very "modern" quilts (when considered in art terminology), other use "modern" fabric for very traditional blocks and quilts.  We are all learning and growing at our own pace.  We are quilters.  For our guild, the online aspect plays a large role in why we started the guild.  We love the online quilting community and wanted to make local connections of people that have the same interest. The Modern Quilt Guild started in LA, and they have a really great page on what is modern quilting.  We invite you to check out their page for more on the discussion on what is modern. Regardless of your level, as an experienced quilter or someone just starting out, we hope that you will find our guild inspiring, educational, fun and entertaining. Interested in joining?  Please join us at a meeting (info here) to find out more! Always feel free to email us at tucsonquilts@gmail.com Leaders elected for 2014 Officers President:  Dena Secretary:  Cassie Treasurer:  Jennifer Membership: Keri