The Labeling Of A Quilt

At our last TMQG meeting, our member Jennifer shared with the group a beautiful pillow case she had purchased at a local thrift store. When you take a closer look, you can see how much work, time, and love went into this piece. Unfortunately, there was no way of knowing who or when this lovely was made. In a way, it seamed a bit sad.

Of course, this started a group discussion. It turns out the majority of us don’t label our quilts unless it’s going to be given to someone special.  For example, a friend’s new baby or a bride and groom. With that said, I’ll be sharing with you some ideas on how to label your quilts. Some ideas will be easy as pie and others will be a bit more involved.

First up, a tutorial from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts where she shares how she makes labels. As you can see, very simple and to the point. It has the title, who made the quilt, and the year.

Via Crazy Mom Quilts

At E-How, they suggest to make an extra quilt block for the label.  This way it all coordinates with the front. Depending on your blocks size, you can add more information like the receiver’s name.

How to Make Quilt Labels thumbnail

Also at How-To Tuesday, hosted by Etsy, they share their take on a quilt label. You can see they added matching binding around it and whip-stitched for added detail.

Here are a few links to other tutorials you can check out.

 When you think about it, it’s very important to label our quilts. This way, there will always be a part of us in history. And it might be the only reason why some quilts become heirlooms and others end up at the thrift store. So when it doubt, LABEL!

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  1. What a great post! Jennifer has a great find from the thrift store! Hte lessons on labeling our quilts is a good one. Thanks for doing the homework and sharing.

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